The super-network drama “Bing Wang” will show the fire soldiers version “Soldier Assault” bloody broadcast

Produced by Beijing Huiyi Film & TV Media Co., Ltd., Beijing Mai Entertainment Network Technology Co., Ltd. exclusively announced that director Wang Mingjun and deputy director Bai Nan jointly created, outstanding actors Zheng Qi, Song Yi, Li Junfeng, Yan Qingyuan, Zhu Minming, Wang Yuhui, Zhang Lu The fire-fighting super-network drama set up by the company officially met with the audience on June 5th. The drama tells the story of the growth of the contemporary hero firefighters, which is read more

Fan Bingbing, Li Chen, Love, Third Anniversary, Hand in Hand, Sweet Travel, Memorial Day

Star network information, recently, some netizens met Fan Bingbing and Li Chen at the airport, hand in hand to show love, sprinkle dog food, it is reported that the two are flying to the United States, 29 is just Fan Bingbing Li Chen love situation announced three On the anniversary of the anniversary, the two of them are going to spend a honeymoon abroad to relax! In the photo, the big black cow pushes the suitcase and the man is full of strength. The ice morning is hand-in-hand and shoulder-to-shoulder, read more

The above article details the symptoms of cervical

The above article details the symptoms of cervical spondylosis and how to prevent cervical spondylosis. In the busy life, we must pay attention to the work of preventing cervical spondylosis. If symptoms of cervical spondylosis are found, they should go to the hospital for treatment in time, and do not delay the condition.
Office workers to prevent cervical spondylosis are to look up at the ceiling every hour or so, to avoid bowing for a long time, break the routine when sleeping, read more

Heart disease is common in young women is rh

Heart disease is common in young women is rheumatic heart disease, congenital heart disease. During the pregnancy, the amount of circulating blood increases, the burden on the heart increases, and the amount of blood returned to the heart increases. Edema can occur. The law of the disease begins from the lower limbs and gradually


extends to the knees, thighs, abdominal wall or even the whole body. In severe cases, it is often accompanied by difficulty breathing, unable to lie down, and panic. read more