keep in mind! 5 situations where couples should not be in the same room

Although there are no specific rules for the time of husband and wife in the same room, in some special circumstances, the husband and wife are very unfavorable for the health of the same room, so the husband and wife should also pay attention to avoid these special circumstances! So, under what circumstances should couples not be in the same room? In the following five situations, everyone should pay attention to it, that is, fatigue in the same room, unhappy mood, drinking in the same room, read more

What are the root causes of the coldness of husband and wife?

In the life of husband and wife, encountering indifference is not a novelty, and this phenomenon shows a trend of growing and getting younger. Therefore, many newlyweds are under pressure; they are beginning to find solutions to problems. The method, but the effect is very small; in the following, if you want to solve the problem, you must first know the root cause of the coldness of the sex. Then, what are the root causes of the coldness of the couple? Let’s take a look at it together. Testosterone read more

Couples can not be in the same room

After the husband and wife get married, it is more important to pay attention to the preservation of love between two people. As an aspect of sexual life that cannot be protected or lacked, if you want to have high-quality enjoyment, you must understand the couples who can’t be in the same room. Sex is a pleasant and enjoyable thing, but it doesn’t mean you can do whatever you want, no taboos. Some things, it is best not to do sex, otherwise it will destroy harmony, affect feelings, read more

How to kiss will make the lover endless?

For couples in love, kissing is a way to express love. In many cases, this simple and direct way to tell each other’s own feelings, with good kissing skills will make you Do more with less, but how to kiss the other side is not good, then let’s take a look at how kissing will make each other endless. One: Keep the passion to know how to kiss each other’s love. Some couples or couples who have been together for a long time rarely kiss their partner. However, a couple who have read more

The best time for women to master sexual initiative

In the program of sex, as a woman, are you still waiting for a rabbit? They all say that there is no gentleman and lady in the bedroom, so you can be brave to be a sex hunter, use all kinds of opportunities, and make full use of your look and small movements. The night passion is even more wonderful. Of course, women take the initiative to attack, need to grasp the timing, frequency and skills. When a woman occasionally asks for love, it will bring surprises and excitement to men. But if a woman read more

How should mothers live sex during pregnancy?

In order to protect the baby in the abdomen, the expectant mother had to leave her husband and refuse to be intimate with him. For more than 9 months of pregnancy, if she has been doing so, it may hurt the feelings of her husband and wife. Therefore, how to have sex during pregnancy is a hot topic that plagues young couples. Many popular science books are admonishing young people: in order to ensure the health and safety of mothers and children, the husband should try to restrain his sexual impulses read more

What are the benefits of frequent intercourse between husband and wife?

What does sexual life bring to our health? Why do people often say that bed is the best gym in the couple? Let’s get to know it. Increases resistance once or twice a week, can increase the amount of type A immunoglobulin in the body by 30%, thereby increasing resistance and helping people prevent colds and flu. A good mood in the semen, a variety of nutrients, the female body is very beneficial. Women who do not use condoms in sex are more open-minded. However, this only applies to partners read more

Eating animal whip will make sexual function decline

There is a saying in the folks about what to eat, so many men who are not confident about sexual function will choose to eat animal whip to replenish kidney and impotence. However, the animal whip can not be eaten indiscriminately, otherwise it will not only help the sex, but also damage the health. Chinese medicine believes that the bullwhip, deer whip and so on have the effect of warming the kidney and strengthening the yang, replenishing the essence, can be used to treat deafness, tinnitus, read more

Men don’t buy things for their wives.

If you are a man with a romantic plot who likes to give a wife a surprise from time to time, then this is really a type of man that a woman dreams of, but what you should pay attention to is that you are struggling to please the other person’s small gift, which may not necessarily be the other party. Will be ecstatic to accept, this is why, today we will come together to see what men can not buy for their wife. First, don’t buy anything with a plug. Anything that uses electricity seems read more

10 personality secrets that are most fascinating to men

There are not only physical differences between men and women, but psychological differences are also very big. Boys and boys can be unscrupulous to discuss sex life. Girls and girls can also secretly discuss, but boys and girls are the main body of sex. But it can’t be straightforward. Here are some of the questions that boys want to ask and the answers from girls. 1. Man: Does a woman prefer to have sex with a man who is brave in sex? Woman: We know that such a man will only appear in read more