Why does “female chase male” fail?

In our subconscious mind, boys are generally pursuing girls, and in recent years, many girls have begun to be leaders in their feelings. They actively pursue boys, some will succeed, but they also fail. Today, let’s take a look at what is the reason why women chasing men will fail. 1, send flowers to boys and girls like flowers This is right, but this does not mean that as long as the pursuit must send flowers, and most boys simply do not understand what it means to send flowers. To maximize read more

How can a girl hold her sweetheart?

Maybe you fell in love with him at first sight, so I didn’t let him spend a lot of time to break your last bottom line. For those of you who have just tasted the sweetness of sex life, the man who is almost always the protagonist on the bed is a man, and you Miss Jiao casually makes some small tricks is a gift to him, men will definitely refuse to accept all, the most self-satisfied to swear you a few words: “No way, spoiled!” You may have a little misunderstanding, Although read more

How do women want to see how to watch ovulation?

How do women see the ovulation schedule? Women’s ovulation period is also very important. If you want to be pregnant, then you should be prepared during the ovulation period. You should also prepare the ovulation period record. Generally, the regular ovulation period is normal. If it is certain, here are some test methods to recommend to everyone. The normal body temperature method of normal women after a full sleep, the body temperature measured immediately after waking up is called basal read more

How to prevent bleeding during ovulation during sex life?

How to prevent bleeding during ovulation during sex life? It is very easy to bleed during ovulation. This is normal. If there is not much bleeding, and there is no problem if the time is short, if there is more bleeding, you can go to the hospital to check it. If you don’t want to bleed during ovulation, you can take it. Drugs to control, try not to take. In the middle of menstruation, that is, ovulation, due to the transient decline in estrogen levels, the endometrium loses the support read more

Is it normal for women to ejaculate in the ovulation period?

Will ejaculation be pregnant during ovulation? What are the precautions? In vitro ejaculation is not pregnant, but the damage to men is particularly large. In the long run, it can lead to premature ejaculation in men. For example, during the ovulation period, condoms are used, and personal hygiene is usually paid attention to, so that pregnancy can be effectively avoided. And it is also very convenient. Will ovulation be pregnant? Under normal circumstances, the female ovary will discharge a mature read more

How do women correctly calculate ovulation?

For women, there is only one ovulation period per month. According to the different ovulation period of each person, how to correctly calculate the ovulation period? Then, for the friends who are not allowed to have menstruation, how can we calculate the ovulation period correctly? During the ovulation period, do not want to get pregnant, how to accurately calculate it? Today I will teach you how to accurately calculate the ovulation period. Women only have one ovulation a month. The time for read more

What is the cause of white blood in the ovulation period?

What is the cause of white blood in the ovulation period? This is determined by specific circumstances. Some women will bleed during the ovulation period, but the amount of bleeding is not large, and generally only lasts for about 2 days, not too long, if it is a long time, Then this is not normal, and this time it will attract the attention of women. Ovulation blood leucorrhea ovulation white with blood, that is, mid-menstrual bleeding, refers to a small amount of bleeding between two normal read more

How is a little bleeding in the same room during ovulation?

What is the problem with a little bleeding in the same room during ovulation? Many women will bleed during ovulation, but this is a normal situation, but it will affect the pregnant women. If it is bleeding, there is no way to be in the same room, it will affect the conception. In the meantime, it must not be In the same room, because women’s resistance is reduced, it is easy to cause bacterial infection. Ovulation bleeding symptoms ovulation bleeding, that is, in the mid-menstrual bleeding, read more

What is the number of menstruation on the 18th that is ovulation?

What is the number of menstruation on the 18th that is ovulation? Generally, 14 days before menstruation is the time of ovulation. This method can only be calculated for women with regular menstruation, or can remember the first seven and eight, the first seven days of the menstrual period, and the last eight days of the menstrual period. These are the time of ovulation, knowing that the ovulation period can do the corresponding measures. Is there a vaginal discharge in a woman? In fact, the excretion read more

How do women with irregular menstruation test ovulation?

How to measure ovulation during menstruation? There are many ways, such as ovulation test strips, body temperature test, ovulation period calculator, more accurate is B-ultrasound detection, but doing B-ultrasound detection can only be done in the hospital, it is more troublesome, during ovulation At the time of the woman’s body, there are also some changes in the body. Through these features, the time of ovulation can also be discerned. During ovulation, the body temperature is 37 degrees read more