Urination immediately after the house is prone to urethritis

There may be some men who have a feeling of urgency when sex is just over, so they will urinate immediately. This practice is obviously wrong. Immediate urinating at the end of sexual life has an impact on the health of men’s physiological systems, and is more likely to cause inflammation, such as urethritis. After sex, men should not urinate immediately after urinating sex, which is good for flushing the urethra and avoiding infection. For women, sex immediately urinating is a simple and read more

4 cancers that murder couples’ sex life

The decline in the passion of couples’ sexual life is not an inevitable event, but it has become an objective fact. The emergence of such a situation directly affects the emotional life of the couple. Because sex is the most intimate behavior of each other and the most direct interaction between body and mind, sexual life is not satisfied, and each other’s hearts will be ruined until it expands to the point of rupture. There are 4 cancers that affect sweet sex that require everyone read more

How to use the elements to relieve dysmenorrhea

Dysmenorrhea, many women are troubled. The data shows that you will be surprised to find that 80% of women around the world are suffering from dysmenorrhea every month, and more than 50% of them are the same as you, the primary dysmenorrhea that cannot be completely cured. But in fact, you don’t have to be so “painful”, you can help you to save the “dysmenorrhea” by mobilizing the whole body. Brain mobilization studies have found that brain tension reduces the body’s read more

4 major protective measures for male prostate

Now, many men have prostate disease, especially in older men, the incidence of prostate disease is higher. Although, men today are not obscured when treating prostate diseases. However, if you can prevent prostate disease in your daily life, you will not only lose a lot of trouble, but also let yourself suffer a lot of crimes. So, how do men prevent prostate disease in their daily lives? Measure 1: Timely urination and urinary urination is a very healthy behavior for men, especially for men with read more

Why can’t the man be shot when he reaches the limit?

In sex, when a man reaches the limit, ejaculation occurs. Healthy and strong men ejaculate very smoothly, very smoothly, and the amount of semen is also very large. However, some men face an annoying problem, they have no disease, their sex is normal, they can normally erect and enter, but when they reach the limit, there are obstacles in ejaculation, they feel that they are not clean, or it is difficult to shoot semen. It seems to be slow. Slowly flowing out instead of spewing out, what is going read more

Nightingale, why is TA still infertile?

Recently, Xiao Li quit smoking and quit drinking. Every day, he worked hard to make love with his wife. He used the most fertile position, but no matter how hard they tried, his wife was not pregnant, which made Xiao Zhang anxious. Why sex is frequent but not pregnant. Fallopian tubes are prone to infection Most fallopian tube diseases are secondary to infections, especially pelvic inflammatory diseases (PID). Other causes include perforation of appendix, infection after abortion, etc., due to read more

Men often ride bicycles easily lead to erectile dysfunction

Xiao Li is a cycling enthusiast who rides for more than two hours a day. Sometimes, the perineum is numb and swelled, and after a while, most of the symptoms will disappear. Recently, he found that the erection was poor and the time for sexual intercourse was shortened. Xiao Li suspects that this may be a trouble with riding a bicycle. The situation like Xiao Li is very common in the clinic. In the past 10 years, foreign countries have begun to pay attention to the relationship between cycling read more

Can you not take good shots in your house?

There is such a common phenomenon in the life of couples. Many men are already reaching their climax, that is, in the process of ejaculation, they choose to temporarily suspend their sexual intercourse. Although this kind of behavior can not extend the time of sexual intercourse. But what are the hazards to men’s health? Let’s take a look at the answers of the sex experts. In the process of sexual intercourse, many men do not allow semen to be shot during sexual intercourse, in order read more

Sexuality School: Analyze Female Condoms

Condoms are well-known and commonly used contraceptive methods and are an effective, healthy and routine method of contraception. Common condoms are male condoms. However, many men do not like wearing condoms, and drug contraception has certain side effects. What should I do now? You can choose a female condom. This article will bring you to know about female condoms. What is a female condom for women, as the name suggests is a condom worn by women. Many people have heard of female condoms, but read more

Why is there a secondary amenorrhea after the flow of people?

Before accidental pregnancy, due to economic conditions and other factors can not have children, it has been a flow of people. But after the flow of people, menstruation did not come. Go to the hospital for examination, the doctor said it is secondary amenorrhea. After the flow of people, what are the reasons Is secondary amenorrhea? Many female friends in life will encounter unexpected pregnancy, abortion is a reliable solution, but some female friends after the flow of people, menstruation can read more