keep in mind! 5 situations where couples should not be in the same room

Although there are no specific rules for the time of husband and wife in the same room, in some special circumstances, the husband and wife are very unfavorable for the health of the same room, so the husband and wife should also pay attention to avoid these special circumstances! So, under what circumstances should couples not be in the same room? In the following five situations, everyone should pay attention to it, that is, fatigue in the same room, unhappy mood, drinking in the same room, sick in the same room and menstruating in the same room. 5 kinds of situations where husband and wife should not be in the same room. 1. Do not fatigue. They will consume a certain amount of energy and physical strength in the same sex life. Therefore, if there is mental or physical exhaustion, such sexual life often does not reach orgasm, and people will feel sexual life. After being more exhausted, it has a certain impact on health. 2, do not feel uncomfortable, barely engage in sexual life in a couple’s emotional situation, not only can not get sexual harmony, but also because of bad mood caused by the other side of the resentment, if this problem occurs repeatedly, it will lead to female emergence Indifference or male impotence. 3, do not drink in the same room some people prefer to engage in sexual intercourse after drinking, and even some people think that drinking sex after sex will improve the quality, in fact, after drinking or drinking spirits, it will cause the man’s penis erection is not strong or premature ejaculation It hinders the harmony of sexual life, and at this time, pregnancy will affect the fetus. 4. Don’t be in the same room when you are sick If you have some foods with serious organic diseases, you must not force your sex life. Because infectious diseases such as tuberculosis should also avoid the same room because of sexual life. Not only hurts but also infects the lover. 5, do not pass the sexual life women in the menstrual period, the cervix is ​​open, this time the same room is more susceptible to infection, resulting in inflammation of the uterus or accessories. When the husband and wife are in the same room during the menstrual period, they are prone to infection-induced female gynecological diseases. At the same time, they suffer from other diseases, which are often contagious. It is possible to cause the health of both people to suffer. It is especially important to emphasize here. Many men like to drink in the same room. This is actually very dangerous. The phenomenon of sudden death in the same room after drinking often occurs. Everyone must improve their vigilance.