What are the root causes of the coldness of husband and wife?

In the life of husband and wife, encountering indifference is not a novelty, and this phenomenon shows a trend of growing and getting younger. Therefore, many newlyweds are under pressure; they are beginning to find solutions to problems. The method, but the effect is very small; in the following, if you want to solve the problem, you must first know the root cause of the coldness of the sex. Then, what are the root causes of the coldness of the couple? Let’s take a look at it together. Testosterone can subtly regulate a woman’s sexual desire. From the beginning of menopause, testosterone levels in women are also falling, which directly leads to decreased sexual desire. The development of sex science has provided these women with the latest solutions. Anita Clayton, a professor of obstetrics and gynaecology at the University of Virginia in the United States, said that there are some women’s topical testosterone creams on the market in the United States, which contain low levels of hormones, which can effectively increase sexual desire without causing women to appear male. feature. Second, the inability to reach orgasm women usually think that this is a psychological problem, but it is actually a physical cause. If diabetes or heart disease can cause blood circulation in sexual organs to be blocked, smoking can also have adverse effects. At present, some European and American doctors are studying to use PDE5 inhibitors for treating male erectile dysfunction to improve the blood supply of female private parts, and have achieved certain effects, but it is still far from widespread use. Third, the lack of interactive marriage for many years, many women will admit that love is weak. Clinical studies have found that this may be stressful, making you look like strangers. Calculate your own physiological cycle, enjoy sex before ovulation, you can release stress and enhance your emotions. Fourth, female physiological reasons This is a problem that affects most women with sexual dysfunction. “To solve it, just a small bottle of lubricant.” Anita Clayton pointed out that there are a large variety of lubricants on the market, and women should choose the brand that best suits them and does not cause allergies under the guidance of a doctor. In fact, in the life, the relationship between husband and wife is mostly caused by psychological factors. If you want to effectively alleviate, then couples must pay attention to reasonable adjustment in daily life, especially after women have a cold sex. Everyone needs to pay attention to reasonable health care. Usually, everyone needs to pay attention to some ways of sexual life. Moreover, we must pay attention to the emotional communication between husband and wife, avoiding excessive psychological stress caused by women, leading to disharmony in sexual life and causing many influences.