Couples can not be in the same room

After the husband and wife get married, it is more important to pay attention to the preservation of love between two people. As an aspect of sexual life that cannot be protected or lacked, if you want to have high-quality enjoyment, you must understand the couples who can’t be in the same room. Sex is a pleasant and enjoyable thing, but it doesn’t mean you can do whatever you want, no taboos. Some things, it is best not to do sex, otherwise it will destroy harmony, affect feelings, and even cause coldness. In some cases, couples cannot be in the same room. 1. Don’t compare lover with others. When two people are warm, don’t say anything more, for example, “Your size is very good, only a little worse than a movie star”, “In the people I know, you perform best”… even if you are sincerely praise each other If you have a comparative nature, it is easy to cause misunderstandings, so that the other party thinks that you think of others when you are in love, and your heart will be very awkward. 2. Don’t just focus on sexual intercourse and ignore emotional communication. Sex is inseparable from life and requires a good emotional foundation. If the two do not have any emotional communication and only want to get pleasure through sexual stimulation, it is not only difficult to get a climax, but also to doubt each other’s purpose, and the heart is increasingly rejecting sex. 3, can not be superstitious porn movies. Learning sex skills or theories from erotic products is inherently wrong. Pornographic dramas are mostly exaggerated and deductive methods. They can only be used as a spice for sexual life. If they are imitated, they may be counterproductive, and they will reduce sexual desire and cause female sexuality. 4, do not use one heart and two. Obviously, I am lingering with each other, but I still have to look at the mobile phone from time to time, pay attention to the TV, and even consider working. When the other party’s affection is over, such a move is easy to be discovered, thereby dispelling the enthusiasm of the other party and even causing quarrels. 5. Don’t force yourself or even force each other. Some couples have bare sex when they are in a bad mood. Not only do they not get the harmony of sex life, but they also cause resentment to the bad mood. If they happen repeatedly, it will lead to women’s sexual indifference or men’s impotence.