How to kiss will make the lover endless?

For couples in love, kissing is a way to express love. In many cases, this simple and direct way to tell each other’s own feelings, with good kissing skills will make you Do more with less, but how to kiss the other side is not good, then let’s take a look at how kissing will make each other endless. One: Keep the passion to know how to kiss each other’s love. Some couples or couples who have been together for a long time rarely kiss their partner. However, a couple who have been married for more than 60 years abroad say that they live together so much. Ok, because they kiss each other at least once a day. Therefore, even if there is no sex, just give each other a kiss of love, and each other will be full of love. Two: Suddenly attacking the singer Wu Hao’s “Sudden Self” believes that it will give you a real sudden pleasure. Similarly, the pursuit of suddenness in kissing, and sometimes will bring unexpected joy to the other party. Three: Synchronous Kissing Many research surveys show that men like to use wild wet kisses, while women like gentle kisses like water, but when the other party is not suitable, it is recommended to use the body to do temptation first, without leaving traces. Tell the other party, tease each other’s kiss senses, and then transform each other. Since people have the habit of imitating, the other party can feel his mind over time and make a response in line with hope. When the two are synchronized, the kiss becomes the sweetest memory between you. Four: The experienced man in the wet kiss ear must know that kissing the female’s ear will have a certain stimulating effect on her. Some women may even “soften” immediately after being kissed by the ear. Five: When attacking, don’t be too aggressive. Everyone has a special preference for kisses, that is, they like different types of kisses. Bisexologist and author Michel Christine believes that the biggest mistake for men to kiss is that their tongues are too aggressive, while men think that women are not big enough when they are kissing. Whether men or women, the most common complaints people are unchanging kisses. Six: Taking action to tease and kiss is not just touching each other’s lips, no matter how much you love each other, I want to make the kiss between you difficult to give up, don’t forget to use your eyes and hands skillfully. After the above details, I believe that everyone has a certain understanding of these kissing skills, and male friends can keep these kissing skills in mind, and exercise hard, so that you will show yourself better in kissing. The charm, hope that these kissing techniques can help everyone.