The best time for women to master sexual initiative

In the program of sex, as a woman, are you still waiting for a rabbit? They all say that there is no gentleman and lady in the bedroom, so you can be brave to be a sex hunter, use all kinds of opportunities, and make full use of your look and small movements. The night passion is even more wonderful. Of course, women take the initiative to attack, need to grasp the timing, frequency and skills. When a woman occasionally asks for love, it will bring surprises and excitement to men. But if a woman often asks for love, she will scare him away, and he will reduce the number of sexes and even lose interest. Therefore, women should focus on how to make a man confidently ask her for love, or “seduce” or “warm” instead of directly seeking love. Scenario 1 When the elevator suddenly loses power and the elevator is out of power, it is a high-segment of sparks of love. This kind of scene is often seen in movies, because it increases the chances of a plot in the building. In the process of climbing to the 20th floor, the feet were twisted and the legs were tired, either let him back or let him hug. The dark corridor, slightly squeaky, warm body, when he was in love with the fascination, then offered a string of kisses, all the way, he was afraid of going out of the house and surrendering. Scene 2 picks you up late at night in the middle of the night, but he gives up sleeping and driving to pick you up. You are moved, don’t forget to offer a beautiful woman. When the car returns to its own parking space, you can gently lean up and bite his ear and say to him, you love him, he touched you. No matter what age group of men, sometimes they will behave like a child, and a little compliment will make them excited. At this time, you only need to give him some sexual cues, and then wait to see how he is brave enough to show his strength and strength! Scenario 3 He is immersed in the study room and is reading the red sleeves and adding incense night reading. It is not the patent of the ancients, but also the expectation of every man in modern times. Therefore, in the middle of the night, when he is studying hard in the study or working hard, he may wish to give him a massage and shoulders when he is in a bowl of love soup. If his work is not completed overnight, then you can Coupled with some affectionate touches. You know, when a man is tired, a little teasing can just be a reasonable reason for him to get rid of the boring work at hand. At this time, your arms are his best way to relax. Scenario 4 When he is in a bad mood for a night, he may have encountered unpleasant things, or it may be an accidental quilt on the stock market. Although men also need to stay alone for a while, but more often, a warm hug will not be rejected by him. Men sometimes need to use sex to relieve stress. In the self-sacrificing sex, they will vent their grief and frustration. If it is usually his initiative, then it is up to you to take the initiative today.