How should mothers live sex during pregnancy?

In order to protect the baby in the abdomen, the expectant mother had to leave her husband and refuse to be intimate with him. For more than 9 months of pregnancy, if she has been doing so, it may hurt the feelings of her husband and wife. Therefore, how to have sex during pregnancy is a hot topic that plagues young couples. Many popular science books are admonishing young people: in order to ensure the health and safety of mothers and children, the husband should try to restrain his sexual impulses during his wife’s pregnancy. Especially in the first 3 months and 3 months after pregnancy, sex should be avoided to prevent complications such as miscarriage, premature birth or infection. Then, can you live a sexual life during pregnancy, and how to make love will not cause the above-mentioned illness? In normal pregnancy, the wife’s wishes should be respected. Under the wife’s healthy constitution, stable mood and good mentality, the appropriate position can be chosen for sexual intercourse. However, the following situations should be treated with caution: 1. For those with a history of habitual abortion, sexual intercourse should be avoided during the entire pregnancy, and even sexual language and sexual stimulation should not be used. Because sexual excitement can also induce strong contraction of the uterus. 2, those with a history of premature birth, should start in the month before the corresponding month of the last preterm birth until the delivery of a period of time, should absolutely avoid sex. 3, pregnant women diagnosed as “low placenta” or “severe pregnancy-induced hypertension syndrome”, it is best not to have sex, so as not to cause prenatal bleeding, induced eclampsia (convulsions, coma), premature birth and fetal death. 4, after the premature rupture of fetal membranes, no more sexual intercourse, but should immediately go to the hospital for treatment. How to live a safe life? 1. Pregnant women and their husbands who have no sexual intercourse taboo should drain their urine, clean the vulva and male external genitalia before sexual intercourse, and choose a sexual intercourse posture that does not oppress the pregnant woman’s abdomen. Generally speaking, the action is gentle and not rude. The insertion should not be too deep, and the frequency should not be too fast. The time of sexual intercourse should not exceed 10 minutes. Pregnant women should urinate and wash the vulva immediately after sexual intercourse to prevent ascending urinary tract infections and intrauterine infections. 2, during pregnancy, sexual life is best to use condoms or in vitro excretion, in short, it is better to not enter the vagina. This is because the prostaglandin in male semen is attracted by the vaginal mucosa, which can promote strong contraction of the uterus after pregnancy, which not only causes abdominal pain in pregnant women, but also causes miscarriage and premature birth.