Men don’t buy things for their wives.

If you are a man with a romantic plot who likes to give a wife a surprise from time to time, then this is really a type of man that a woman dreams of, but what you should pay attention to is that you are struggling to please the other person’s small gift, which may not necessarily be the other party. Will be ecstatic to accept, this is why, today we will come together to see what men can not buy for their wife. First, don’t buy anything with a plug. Anything that uses electricity seems to them to be ridiculed for their incompetence. Men in this case are best to buy a charging product. Let her come to you if there is a problem. It is also necessary to buy things. When this shows your ability, how can you easily miss it? Xiao Bian recommended: These brain-destroyed women should be shackled to make the dating more hot. Improve women’s sexual ability. 2. Don’t buy clothes of different sizes. The size of women’s clothes is always inaccurate. This makes you very upset. In 1000 attempts, you will only buy the right size at most once, and another 999. I will anger your wife – “I am wearing a figure of 100 cm?” she would say. But if the size is a little smaller, she still has something to say: “I don’t care about me too much. I haven’t worn 80cm clothes for 20 years!” 3. Don’t buy practical things. Since it’s romantic, don’t buy it. Some very practical things, in the eyes of women, the more you buy something that is slick for her, the more you are willing to spend money for her, the various decontamination and cleansing agents mentioned in the advertisement will not I won you a smile for you because they contain the meaning of wishing the wife to talk more. Fourth, weight loss products No matter how slim your wife, as long as you buy a weight loss product, it means you want her to lose weight. So don’t buy anything related to weight loss. She would think that you are suggesting that she is too fat. This kind of unrewarding thing is still as little as possible. Fifth, underwear with trims In addition, friends, do not fall into the traditional trap, to buy her underwear with trim. You are filled with joy and thought that she should wear this underwear, but in fact, she did not wear this old antique. Men can never touch a woman’s sense of fashion and fashion. You think that good clothes may be too strange in her eyes. Sixth, too expensive things Finally, don’t buy too expensive things. “Do you think we have more money to throw?” she would say. But it can’t be too cheap. Although she doesn’t say anything in her mouth, she will think, “Is it worth a few dollars?” Hey, my husband is really difficult, I often complain to my wife. But I firmly remember that after not buying her the above six things, I found that she was a lot gentler to me. Guess what you like: Love St. Girls Secrets, Men and Women, Thinking Logic, Different Women’s Natural Monsters, more content, please pay attention to Feihua Health and Sexual Channel: