10 personality secrets that are most fascinating to men

There are not only physical differences between men and women, but psychological differences are also very big. Boys and boys can be unscrupulous to discuss sex life. Girls and girls can also secretly discuss, but boys and girls are the main body of sex. But it can’t be straightforward. Here are some of the questions that boys want to ask and the answers from girls. 1. Man: Does a woman prefer to have sex with a man who is brave in sex? Woman: We know that such a man will only appear in the novel. In fact, we love men who are gentle, kind, and responsible, and who have a sense of security and dependence. They are truly sexy. 2, man: For women, is the caress longer? The better? Woman: Compared to men, women’s sexual arousal does take longer. But this is not born, but can be reshaped, and we are looking forward to change. In fact, if a man does not enter the “theme”, it will make us feel annoyed. Xiao Bian recommended: Mouth love posture list of the delicate secret of the vagina 3, men: men wearing condoms, women’s pleasure will be affected? Woman: A layer of rubber film does not increase or decrease the pleasure of a woman. We hope that men wear condoms to make love, mainly for the sake of safety. If sex requires adventure, there is absolutely no happiness at all. 4. Men: How do women view non-traditional sexual methods? Women: Women also need to try new ways, but this sexual posture must be healthy, safe, and make both parties happier. We need our partner to get our consent in advance! 5. Man: Do women like to have sex under the lamp? Woman: When we first went to bed, we didn’t advocate turning off the lights immediately, because seeing the smile on the faces of the lovers under the lights would make people more happy. But if you turn off the lights, the vision will give way to the feeling of the body, making the woman more focused and enjoying the indulgent. 6. Man: Why do women pretend to be orgasm? Woman: For many women, orgasm is not an inevitable part of joyful sex. But sometimes we do some camouflage because of the idea that “only women who are prone to sexual excitement are attractive to men.” Of course, sometimes we just want to end the sex process faster. 7. Man: What do women think when they are having sex? Woman: If it is an unhappy sex, we will think, how is this ended? Or, we will remind ourselves of the men or male stars that make them happy. 8. Man: Is a woman always passive? Woman: We always seem passive, because the way we take the initiative to ask for sex is more implicit, such as washing up early in the evening and preparing to sleep; When I went to bed, I put on a very sexy underwear and showed it to men intentionally or unintentionally… We are strategic. 9. Man: After sex, what do women like to talk to men? Woman: We like all topics, including discussing sexual details. After the intercourse, the story of the experience just experienced, listening to the feelings of the other party, the woman does not feel embarrassed, but the woman does not like the man who is jealous. 10. Man: Men masturbate, will women be jealous? Woman: If the relationship is normal or very good, the woman will not be jealous, because masturbation is also a normal sexual behavior. However, if our relationship is not very good, then knowing that men open their own masturbation, they will be jealous and even feel inferior and sad. Sex is a thermometer of feelings. When communication is not smooth, and misunderstandings, speculations, resentments, and aggressive behaviors occur, the relationship between partners will be frosty. So timely communication can handle problems well. Guess what you like: Give him another passionate couple etiquette. Please pay attention to the Feihua Health and Sexual Channel: http://sex.fh21.com.cn